Monday, March 23, 2015

Things That Broadside You

Monday, March 23, 2015

I had a productive session in my morning program today.  I only have a weeks left.

Winter made a return appearance last night.  The outdoor world is cloaked in a layer of wet snow.  It was one of those beautiful snowfalls in which there was very little wind.  The snow is clinging to everything outside.

I heard some news earlier that caused me to nearly gasp with sadness.  The nephew of a good friend of mine unexpectedly passed away.  I saw a picture of this newly deceased man on Facebook.  His wife is pregnant and due in May.  That child will never have the opportunity to meet his father in this life.  A picture of my friend's nephew was posted with the story of his passing.  He has an awesome smile in the picture.  I find it so sad to think that his child will never bask in the brightness of his smile.

The world doesn't make sense.  It never has made sense.  I don't think we can wrap our rational minds around losses like these.  They defy explanation.  And yet the heart, in its vast depths, must always reach for love.

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