Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another Good Day

Thursday, March 26, 2015

As I continue to practice a growing set of increasingly fine tuned self-care skills I feel myself growing increasingly optimistic about what I can achieve and enjoy in the future.

Today I did the following healthy things:

  • I attended my morning outpatient program.
  • I spent some time focusing on my job search process.
  • I exercised for ninety minutes this afternoon at the YMCA.
  • I prepared a healthy dinner.
  • I continued to keep track of my expenses so I can manage my financial resources better in the future.
  • I made a plan to meet with a friend over lunch tomorrow.
  • I interacted with some friends via social media.
  • I wrote about a very vivid dream I had last night.
The days continue to grow longer and brighter.  The ice is melting away on area lakes.  As light fills the world more each day I feel my own soul filling more and more with light as well.  I am recovering.  I am growing healthier as time passes.

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