Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some Wondrous New Developments

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The outside world is beginning to look quite a bit different.

I could smell spring in the air this morning.  And I could smell it in the air before the sun had even risen above the horizon.  As I walked to the bus stop this morning I took note of the waning gibbous moon low in the southern sky.  And I also noticed something quite different. There was almost no moonlight reflecting off snow.  The snow has essentially melted.  The monochromatic world of white, gray and brown hues is vanishing away.

I feel a certain 'spring' in my heart as well now.  I feel as if my psyche is thawing out.  I no longer feel such extremes as the heat associated with my old anger or the frigidity common to those who emotionally shut down and freeze others out.  The vividness of the reawakening world outside my windows is inspiring an equally vivid change inside my heart.

I had fun with my new bear friend today.  I decided to name my little teddy bear Hercules. Considering how I have often felt I was living the life of Hercules it seems fitting I bestow this name upon him.

I decided to apply to a job in France.  I'll be done with the application within the next twenty-four hours.  I am also continuing to look at other opportunities both near and far away.

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