Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An Open Letter To Someone I Never Met, Part IV

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[This entry is a continuation of a series of writings I began last month.  This 'someone I never met' is the individual who, as a teenage boy in 1982, attempted to murder my father]

I found myself thinking about you this evening.  It's a quiet Wednesday evening.  Winter is faded away.    The beginnings of a new cycle of life are starting to appear.  There are buds on the tree outside my bedroom window.  The lakes and ponds are liquifying.  The grass is beginning to perk up.  And yet I feel some fear that this summer might be very dry and quite warm.  We had so little snow this winter that the earth already appears to be pining for a bit more moisture.

I wonder what you might be up to tonight.  I signed up to participate in a workshop on the last Saturday of the month.  I am interested in finding more healthy, quality men in my life.  I am interested in finding such men because it fulfills my loyal pursuit of one of my values: I want more rewarding relationships in my life.  I am hoping that by attending this workshop I might find my way along a path that leads me to better relationships.  I certainly want better relationships.  I need better relationships.

I made very healthy choices throughout my day today.  I ate meals that featured food I enjoyed.  The food was also fairly healthy.  I picked up some medication to help with the inflammation problem I have had with my feet for some time now.  I swam, boxed and did other exercises at the YMCA.  I wrote about my values on my computer.  I enjoyed the beauty of some photography.  I found myself savoring the gift of my eyesight.  And now I am enjoying the beautiful music of Carlos Nakai as I write and imagine you potentially one day actually reading what I write.  It will probably never happen.  But real life is sometimes stranger than fiction.

I sometimes wonder if you have children of your own.  If you are alive and do have children I wonder if you have raised them well.  There are so many suffering children in the world today.

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