Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Finally...A Change In My Weather

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Something unexpected happened today.  I sat quietly, searched within myself and could not find any anger inside me regarding my early life history.  I feel plenty of sadness right now.  But I do not also have anger within me in relation to my earliest experiences of wounding.  That anger is gone.  I can celebrate that a fundamental change has finally come to pass regarding my psychic 'weather'.  I was surprised by the quietude that prevailed as I made my discovery.  It had a quality similar to how spring often seems to come to Minnesota.  That quality is subtlety.

The weather outside my skin is a bit frightful today.  The world is again bedecked in a (shallow) layer of white.  But the thaw is coming.  We might even have a spring that will put the last two springs to shame.  This wouldn't be a difficult task to achieve considering what passed for spring the last two years.

To have my ancient anger finally wither away is quite a milestone.  I'm still feeling a bit stunned as I sit and contemplate this incredible moment.  I still have plenty of life concerns in the present moment that I feel frustrated about.  But all these concerns feel like a much more manageable load to bear now that the very old psychic dreck is beginning to decisively clear up.

Patience can be a foundation for incredible joy.

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