Friday, March 27, 2015

The Illuminated World

Friday, March 27, 2015

Today was another wonderful day.  And I was actually very conscious of the quality of this day while I was experiencing it.  I found myself appreciating the beauty of light filling the world.

I had a tasty lunch with my friend Ivan.  Before and after our meal we walked through a neighborhood in Minneapolis I rarely visit.  I noticed the various colors of the exteriors of homes in the neighborhood.  I noticed how bright the sky was.  I noticed sunlight vividly illuminating the still barren branches of trees and bushes.  The quality of the light was so comforting.

I thought back to this same time of year last year.  I first tried out EMDR therapy in 2013.  I was still adjusting to the consequences of all the treatment I had been undergoing when spring began to take the place of the brutal winter of 2013-2014.  I can recall relishing the return of green life when winter's legacy finally melted away last year.  And yet for all the beauty of that time only a year ago it doesn't stand out in my memory quite as clearly as what I am experiencing now.  It seems as if my eyesight is somehow continuing to improve long after I stopped doing so much intensive treatment featuring EMDR therapy.  It's my impression that my results are not necessarily typical of what others experience who try out EMDR.

The world seems to be growing more and more vivid with each passing week and month.  And this holds true for all five of my senses.  And yet it is the change in my vision that I notice most readily.  Some sort of cloudy veil began distorting my visual perception of the world when I was a kid.  This came about due to the trauma I experienced.  The veil is gone now.  And now I see a bright, illuminated and endlessly evolving world.

When spring finally conquers winter once again I have a feeling I will experience the blossoming of new life in a very profound way.

The static and stagnation inside me is gone.

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