Monday, March 2, 2015

The Inevitable Coming Of Spring

Monday, March 2, 2015

It's supposed to snow tomorrow.  Winter is nonetheless gradually passing away.  Our days are so much longer now.  Days featuring clear skies are incredibly filled with light.  As the light returns to the Northern Hemisphere I feel myself reaching what seems like an inevitable milestone.  This inevitable milestone is one that seems perfectly reasonable to expect will come to pass if you firmly commit to the process of personal growth.

I still feel sad.  I am starting to more thoroughly accept the possibility that some measure of my sadness might endure for much of my life.  But the sheer weight of the sadness I feel today is not likely to always persist.  I believe my sadness can improve with time.  I can move on and create a life much healthier than what I have lived previously.  And I am doing this each and every day.  I am showing up for myself with a dedication I never previously brought to my daily life.

I have noticed my blog viewership has been quite low lately.  Perhaps this is a natural consequence of the shift I am undergoing.  The drama of the suffering I was experiencing in 2013 is long gone.  Rebuilding a life can feel and be quite mundane in comparison to the different quality of life not uncommon to when a person is first adjusting to a life changing health condition.

I am uncertain what will transpire in the coming weeks and months.  I do feel confident I will continue to become healthier as time passes.  I am too committed to my own wellness for this not to happen.

As the sunlight outside my window melts a bit more of the meager snow cover that remains I feel both a calm relief as well as a soft encouragement that my life is indeed improving and the possibilities of my future are indeed still immense.

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