Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Next Step

Saturday, March 28, 2015

"The important message to keep recalling during Saturn's transit of the fourth house is that though history cannot be changed it can be viewed in a multiplicity of ways."

- Saturn in Transit by Erin Sullivan

I began studying astrology as a hobby in 2001.  I suppose it was a natural development considering my existing interests in meteorology and astronomy.  When you look up at the sky as well as the stars I think it's only natural to wonder about what the Cosmos is made of as well as what place we have in it.

Throughout the last two years I have been experiencing Saturn transiting the fourth house of my natal chart.  For those of you who have no idea what this means I highly encourage you to read the book I referenced above.  Erin Sullivan is an astute astrologer who weaves together fields such as psychology and mythology.

To speak in metaphor a Saturn transit in your fourth house is something like a marathon purging session of the closets and basements within your home.  You could think of it as downloading the entire contents of your psyche one painstaking moment at a time.  As you sift through the dross you can inevitably come to a new sense of self.  That is what I have been doing the last twenty-one months.

I have recently begun to refocus my energy in my work with my therapist.  I no longer wish to focus on past events that proved so horrific for me.  I want to focus more on the present and future.  Your point of power is always in the present moment.  There can be no power in the past or future because one is already gone and the other has not yet come to be.

Saturn will complete its transit of my fourth house by the end of this year.  Living a healthy life often means being proactive and thinking ahead while still living in the present moment.  So what is the theme of Saturn in the fifth house?  I will again quote from Sullivan's book Saturn in Transit:

"The source of the inner treasure that was found or reclaimed when Saturn was in the fourth house must now be guarded and developed, lest it be swallowed or buried, stolen or lost. The discipline required to craft an inspiration into a recognizable and substantial form is part of Saturn's message while it transits the fifth house."

I think the most important word in that whole statement is discipline.  When I became very ill in 2013 I felt I had crashed into a wall.  I came to the mature conclusion that if I were to go on living and ultimately live the life I wanted to live I would have to make some significant changes.  I realized I would need to follow a more rigorous discipline in which I would make my own health and happiness my number one priority.  I realized I would need to show up for myself consistently day in and day out in order to achieve a greater measure of contentment and peace of mind.

I felt quite wounded because I lost so much when I was a kid.  I also felt hurt because I was stolen from.  And yet these circumstances do not comprise the fullness of my identity.  I am more than my hurts, wounds and disappointments.

I can lean into the growing light outside and allow myself to experience health, wholeness and inspiration.  This is what I shall choose today.  This is what I intend to choose throughout my life forever more.

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