Thursday, March 12, 2015


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Today I am going to begin writing about different values.  I enumerated the values I will be writing about in my blog entry from yesterday.  I will be writing about values in alphabetical order.  Throughout my journey through the "values alphabet" I will attempt to always draw a connection between the value I am writing about and the issue of trauma.


I think that attentiveness must be one of many ways to counteract the impact of trauma.  And conversely a lack of attentiveness can be construed as a potential indicator of unhealed trauma.  Why?  Traumatized people may cope by dissociating from their immediate environment.  I certainly had a tendency to dissociate.

It's my sense that attentiveness is not all that common in this American culture.  So many people have such busy lives that bringing an attitude of mindful attentiveness to each moment of each day seems to be a very tall order.


I had a very productive day today.  I managed to complete an application for a position in France.  I am simultaneously working on diligently clarifying my values so I can more effectively set and follow the goals that naturally flow from my values.

I am nearing completion of one major project.  In the next few weeks I expect I will finally be done doing whatever therapy is needed to address the traumatic residue of my early life history.  I find myself finally advancing to the period of my adulthood.  I have cleared up the upset and pain from the many disappointments of my childhood.

I still plan to attend therapy for some time to come.  But I can actually clearly sense the end of this journey approaching.  My goal is to complete attending psychotherapy by the end of 2015.


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