Monday, December 23, 2013

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Today I enjoyed the fortune of taking yet another proactive step for my health.  For the first time in my life I had a (fairly) comprehensive panel of allergy testing done.  I learned I have some allergies to a variety of tree pollens as well as dust mites.  I didn't have any food allergy testing done but I do want to do this in the near future.  I also learned some other...things today.  I will spare those details for another upcoming posting.

In the short time it took me to travel downtown after lunch I found myself suddenly feeling caught in a spiral of sadness and grief.  As I sat with these feelings I first felt overwhelmed by the suddenness of their supposed appearance.  But then I realized that I simply have not given myself the space and time in my life to more fully explore them.  There is a depth to my sadness and grief that I have only recently begun to really plumb with the assistance of my therapist.  I plan to give more space to these feelings in the new year.  I am also going to give more space to my need to have fun.

I have made a few plans for Christmas day and am allowing space in the day for some spontaneous fun as well.  I feel it's important to allow myself a lot of time and emotional space on Christmas day this year given how much has unfolded in the last twelve months.  I was certainly not expecting to find myself at the place I am at in my life that I am in now as this year comes to a close.

Despite the fact that I am still in the end stages of working through a number of challenges in a very compressed amount of time I feel myself gradually beginning to settle down within my body and mind. I feel very relieved that what I suspect was the most difficult part of my healing process (namely that introductory stage) is now finally mostly behind me.

I will return to writing this coming Thursday, December 26th.

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