Thursday, December 12, 2013

High Energy

Thursday, December 12, 2013

There is a winter wonderland outside all the windows here in Minnesota.  The time of nature's annual hibernation has come.  And yet inside in the warmth I feel as energetic as I have in a very long time.  It still feels very surreal to be me.  As I noted yesterday it is a strange polarity I have been living these last several months.  As the days have grown short and cold I have grown stronger and happier.  It will be a true delight once my own recovery process begins to match the reawakening of the outer world when spring arrives next year.  As for now winter has arrived and I am doing my best to cope with this strange polarity.

I had another cranial-sacral therapy session this morning at HCMC's Parkside Alternative Medicine Clinic.  I really enjoy the work my therapist does; she seems to have a depth of knowledge and life experience you don't necessarily always find in a physical therapist.  As a result of this work and the many other improvements in my life I continue to feel better and better each day.  I am even beginning to feel a certain significant amount of optimism about the prospects I have for my future.  When I visited with my neuropsychologist on Tuesday he said "the sky's the limit" in regard to the potential of my future.  That is one of the best Christmas gifts I could receive!

In the next week I need to complete my research project that gave me occasion to visit Germany this past May.  I've procrastinated on it quite a bit these last several months because I was so busy focusing on my healing process.  Now it is finally time to get it done and take it off of my 'life plate'.  Thankfully I also have a career coach who can light a proverbial fire under my back side and give me a means of holding myself accountable for my progress over the coming week.  I will feel so relieved when I complete this project; it will be one less item on my overflowing plate of items to attend to.  It was only very recently that I finally began to not feel overwhelmed more days than not.

I often now feel as if my brain is functioning in a way it never has before.  I have always been an intelligent, sensitive and intuitive person but now I feel there is a sharpness about me that I have lacked throughout my life.  The world around me feels so vivid and so real that I still feel a certain amount of disorientation on a daily basis.  Thankfully I am letting go of making such surrealism something 'wrong' in my own thinking.  My journey is what it is and I sense my recovery will continue to accelerate as I confront the trauma of my past in the most holistic way possible.

Enjoy your day and focus on the beauty in your life!

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