Monday, December 16, 2013

A Symphony of Muscle

Monday, December 16, 2013

What are the possibilities of a single human life?  I have been asking myself that question lately as I continue to feel better and better.  Indeed, I feel myself now reaching a certain quality of overall health that feels quite unfamiliar to me.  I assume my commitment to a combination of many habits is now propelling me forward into a quality of life that I have never truly known.  So much of the world outside my skin now feels magical and amazing.  It feels as if I am rediscovering a childlike wonder that, well, typically remains the nearly exclusive territory of children.

Yesterday, as I noted in my posting, I felt the muscular system of my body perform in a way that felt quite unfamiliar.  It felt as if my many muscles worked together in an amazingly harmonious way that resembles what happens when all instrument sections of a symphony work so seamlessly together that the result is amazing music.  I take such joy in all physical activity now.  This is also not exactly a familiar feeling.

I found myself enjoying plenty of physical activity today.  After attending my core conditioning class at the Blaisdell YMCA I then did some physical therapy exercise to continue building up my left shoulder.  I also did some squats and other hip exercises.  And then I did four laps in the pool.  Later I walked through downtown to send off Christmas cards to my relatives in Germany.  And finally, upon arriving home, I shoveled the front walkway.  I cannot remember many days in which I have performed so much exercise!

A friend commented this past Saturday that I seemed a bit manic when I visited with him.  That comment has remained in my thoughts simply because I take it as an indication of how rapidly I am progressing in my healing process.  All the changes I made are now providing me with hefty positive returns!

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