Friday, August 16, 2013

What Summer?

Friday, August 16, 2013

It is now mid August and I have been scratching my head wondering whatever happened to summer.  Having grown up in Texas I can say that a Minnesota summer does not overly test the soul.  You can actually open your windows on more than a few nights and not find yourself gasping for air or overcome by night sweats that have nothing to do with your own internal body temperature.  And this has been especially true for this summer.  We have had many a night when the temperature has been in the 50s.  That is unusual for July and early August.  It has been easy to ask myself "This is summer?"

I have also found myself thinking "What summer?" in regards to another summer.  That was the summer of 1982.  The only vivid memory I have from that summer derives from the morning in early June in which I learned my father had been shot and nearly killed.  After that day the whole of the summer is essentially a blank to me.  I cannot recall what I did day to day, if I hung out more than usual with any of my friends of the time and so on.  I do not have many memories until the autumn of 1983.  It's as if my brain went into some sort of hibernation mode for a little over a year.  I spoke of the concept of halcyon days in a recent posting.  I wish I could recall more halcyon days from the time I was eight years old.  I just cannot.

As for the present moment it does indeed seem that I am continuing to move forward in my healing process.  Yesterday I had an encouraging conversation with a woman who works at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing.  Earlier this week I learned of a program called Resilience Training offered at Penny George.  The program offers assistance in developing skills and knowledge in a number of important areas including exercise, nutrition and mindfulness.  Given how tenuous my social support network has felt at times it seemed a very wise idea I consider enrolling in such a program.  On Monday of next week I will go to the Institute for a screening appointment.  I hope to find some way to take part in this program.  I believe it will really help facilitate my healing process.

This morning I completed yet another important process.  My immunization record is finally current.  I updated my tetanus shot and also got the second of three shots to provide protection against Hepatitis A and B.  I will get the final shot next January.

I cannot ever recall being so diligent in my efforts to restore my health.  If I was younger and less mature I might not take the process so seriously.  Yet health, like anything, is a perishable good.  Nothing lasts forever.  I am grateful for the many blessings I still enjoy.  I hope I never take anything in my life for granted again.  Cultivating the spiritual maturity to live in such a way is an ongoing process.

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