Saturday, August 3, 2013

In Honor of Hawai'i

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I enjoyed the great blessing of first visiting Hawai'i nearly ten years ago.  Hawai'i will always have a magical and special place in my heart.  Today, as my blog entry, I share the following letter which I wrote to Hawai'i:

My Dear Beloved Hawai'i,

I write to thank you for your beauty.  I love you.

I thank you for the wonderful spirit of Aloha I was introduced to ten years ago.  Thank you for your beautiful beaches, your lovely palm trees, your amazing plants and animals.  I love the multiple colors and textures that have delighted my senses each and every time I have visited.  Thank you for the beauty of your sunsets and sunrises.  Thank you for the amazing beautiful people I have met in Hawai'i and the wondrous love I have experienced in your realm.  I could never thank you enough for all that you have given to me.  I am truly blessed to have met you.

My dear Hawai'i, I also write to ask you for your help.  My life is in a state of tremendous change now.  And this change is due in large part to a diagnosis I received in late June of this year.  I have found it necessary to redirect the entire course of my life and my priorities in response to what has unfolded so far this year.  I need a lot of help right now.  I feel tremendously sad and vulnerable as I go through an intensive process of healing.

As a way of honoring you and all that you have given to me I have dedicated this offering of birch leaves to you.  These are very special leaves.  I harvested these leaves from a birch tree that stands directly over the grave of my German ancestors in Germany.  I want a piece of my own ancestry to be with you forever.  I make this offering to acknowledge the amazing love, beauty and power I have experienced when I have walked upon you.  I also make this offering as a way of asking for help.  And this is my request: Please direct me to the best, most productive, most love filled life I can create for myself.  I do not know what path I must walk to achieve this so I ask you to help guide me.

Many a time I have dreamed of one day living upon you.  Perhaps that will still come to pass some day.  As for now I feel called to live and work in Germany.  Please help me to make my dreams of happiness and love come true.  I have never worked with such diligence and endurance to reclaim my life and my power.  I need all the help I can get.

I love you!

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