Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Think I Am Getting Hooked on EMDR

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I had another session with my therapist today.  After doing a check-in regarding current events we plunged into some old psychic material using the wonder of EMDR.  I have to say I am starting to really appreciate the power of this technique.  Every time I leave a session in which my therapist uses EMDR the world looks wondrously crisp and alive.  It's amazing how vivid the world looks.  The full moon in the sign of Aquarius was lighting up the sky as I made my way home tonight.  The light of the moon mingling with the light of streetlights, homes and cars made for an interesting collage of imagery.

It's amazing how my amazement and appreciation for the EMDR technique continues to grow.  Today I found myself wondering if there is some device that mimics the pulses I experience in the EMDR process that I could use to produce a similar result.  I have also noticed that I feel calmer, more centered and more able to withstand the impact of negative thoughts after completing EMDR sessions.

I am grateful for the personal work I have done thus far.  I am also very grateful for the health insurance that is making my work possible.  I feel blessed to live in a progressive state like Minnesota where you can actually afford to have health insurance even as a low income person.

I spoke with my therapist today about going back to work in October.  This seems to be a realistic goal.  I also went to physical therapy today; my physical therapist is pleased with my progress as I continue to strengthen my body.  As one aspect of my health improves it will enable the other issues I have been working through to resolve more quickly as well.  The PTSD diagnosis caused me to reevaluate many aspects of my life.  I now want to move in a new direction with my career.  I plan to do some brainstorming for my career this coming weekend.  As I desire to do something much more physical it is timely that I am committing so much time and energy to attending classes at the YMCA.  I am also excited to sign up for an eight week class with a trainer at the Y who has a great background in personal training.

At the same time I do still feel the weight of sadness as I prepare to make adjustments to my relationship with my father.  I love my father dearly.  And yet I need to change the nature of our relationship.  I'm finally committed to breaking free of unhealthy patterns I have been enmeshed in for far too long.

I have been noticing recently that my viewership of my blog has been dropping off throughout August. I wonder how much can be attributed to the August vacation season and how much might be due to people feeling bored with what I am writing about.  In the near future I might finally open up my blog to comments from other people.  Thus far I felt the need to protect myself by insulating myself from the possibility of commentary.  Now that I am stronger and my outlook is improving I can imagine allowing the world into my blog-realm a little more.  More details on that soon!

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