Friday, August 9, 2013

June 3, 1982

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's a beautiful Friday today.  I continue to work like an absolute fiend to reclaim my health and power.  It's such a process.  I feel that I am living the life of Hercules.

I've been doing a lot of in-depth research in the event I may need to use my findings for a civil case.  I'm exploring any legal options I may have to seek damages against my father for the abuse and endangerment I experienced as a child due to his poor choices.  It is this history of harm that laid the foundation for the development of my PTSD.  I only wish it had been caught earlier in my life.  But at least it was caught at some point.

Yesterday I finally retrieved an important date.  That date is June 3, 1982.  This is the day my father nearly left my life after my stepmother attempted to have him murdered.  I was visiting my grandparents at the time when it happened.  One of my aunts told me about it the morning after the night it happened.    It's essentially only sheer dumb luck that my father survived.  I rediscovered this important date yesterday after contacting the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.  Amazingly enough there is still a record of the incident at the DA's office.  I will be calling back on Monday and, assuming I finally reach someone in person, will request a copy of the file.

Years ago I first learned of the concept of soul retrieval.  I have been speaking with my therapist about this type of process.  Sandra Ingerman is a pioneer of this work.  I feel as if a significant piece of me left on June 3, 1982.  A part of my then eight-year old self left and disappeared to some place I know not where.  I want to find him again.  It is time to end his exile.

My efforts to collect documentation that has some relevance to my own medical history may ultimately not prove of any use to my simultaneous research into my legal options.  The worst that happens is that I will possess a more comprehensive record of my own life that can then be useful for making educated inferences in regards to my own health history.  I have already consulted with one lawyer today and have been advised I have no viable case I could pursue against my father.  I am going to seek out at least a second opinion if not a third or fourth one.  I am not going to rest until I have exhausted my options and thoroughly explored my options.

In other news I have decided it might prove of benefit to me to seek out a local spiritual community whose values align with my own.  I realize I need to be among healthy, functional people a certain amount of time each day and week.  It's easy to get consumed in the process I am currently involved in.  Laughter and levity are vital for me now.  Without such gifts I will almost certainly feel imbalanced.

I also continue to do physical therapy each day.  I am experiencing positive results.  My life is moving forward one Herculean step at a time.

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