Monday, August 26, 2013

That Wondrous Detail Called Timing

Monday, August 26, 2013

Today I began to make my first active efforts to send out feelers into the world of ecotourism and wilderness therapy.  I changed my career focus after the unexpected developments of June of this year. I am happy to be moving in a new direction.  Casting seeds is always an important step in any new venture.

Speaking of casting seeds it is incredibly warm even with the sky now darkening.  If I didn't have a calendar to reference I would not believe that September was only a week away.  The hottest weather of the year has arrived now.  I have planted many metaphorical seeds these last many weeks to improve my health.  I am now starting to see great results.  On some level I feel very grateful that I went through the process I have these last two months during the summer season.  Restructuring my life and making my way to countless medical appointments in the heart of winter would have been another experience altogether!

Timing has also been on my mind because it sometimes feels as if I am dealing with a multitude of issues all at the same time.  Or at least I am trying my best to deal with many challenges simultaneously.  It's no wonder I experienced a state of psychological overwhelm in June.  Too many things were brewing all at once.  I awoke to find myself engulfed in a perfect storm of change and demands I was not expecting to experience.

I have plenty of good news to celebrate.  My knee is in good condition.  My lower back is also finally much better.  I will be done with my physical therapy in about two weeks.  And I only have two more acupuncture appointments before I will be reassessed.  It's been a long journey.  And I am making it through.

I suppose I am in a bit of a writing dry patch.  I cannot think of anything more creative to report than my own progress.

Good night.

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