Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When Profound Change Reflects in Your Sleeping Dreams

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

While studying under the guidance of Dr. Pamela Colorado at Naropa University I was introduced to deeper study in the fascinating realm of dreams.  I have no doubt that whole classes focused specifically on the human experience of the dream realm are offered at diverse schools throughout this country as well as abroad.  I am by no means a dream expert but I do believe I have followed my own dream life long enough and have participated frequently enough in dream circles to have developed some timely wisdom that would interest others.  I was reminded of the power of dreams by one I had this past week.

I remember little of the details of the dream.  I only really can remember the primary event from it.  I was giving some sort of a presentation to people.  Some of the individuals remained interested and participated.  Others walked away.  But what was most important, in my opinion, was what I did as some people walked away.  I remained steadfast.  I did not deviate from standing firm in presenting.  I was true to myself regardless of what others were doing.

Dreaming such a scenario leaves me feeling that I have indeed made huge progress.  I will not be swayed from my course of being loyal to my own calling even if others cannot appreciate me for who I am and what I offer.  This is indeed huge!  I have had dreams previously in which I was giving some sort of presentation but never previously did I dream others walking away and it not deterring me in the slightest.

One of the greatest challenges of emerging from a worldview influenced by the impact of trauma is learning how to see the world anew in a clear way without the negative thinking that can become so common when you find yourself unable to heal from trauma.  I am still learning what it feels like to live in such a way.  It may take many, many more months or even years to reach this new state of being and feel completely comfortable with it.  I really do not know what to expect.  Though there are often signposts on the journey to healing that can be reasonably expected to appear among those making the journey there are nonetheless also the unique factors and circumstances that will make every journey different.

I learned yesterday that my unemployment benefits are expiring sooner than I had originally understood they would.  So now I need to refocus my attention on my job search.  At some point later this month I am going to take a brief pause from blog writing.  For those of you my loyal blog followers consider it something of a mini-staycation.  I have every confidence the font of my creativity will remain full and I will return to this writing journey feeling refreshed.  I expect I will take no more than five to seven days away from my writing.

In other news it is still winter.  The world outside is full of stillness.  But I can sense that growing yearning for the bursting forth of spring when I encounter other people.  This has been a long season of cold.

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