Friday, February 14, 2014

Reality Check Please

Friday, February 14, 2014

I visited with my primary care physician this morning.  I am happy to report that I am in generally good health...aside from the minor cold I currently have.  I received a chiropractic treatment as well as an acupuncture treatment yesterday.  I sought out more care than I was originally planning to this week due to some unexpected stressful developments that took place on Wednesday.

In the very near future I will be taking a brief pause from blog writing so I can focus on the job I expect I will be taking next week.  It cannot come a moment too soon.  My unemployment benefits expired last week.  I have been emotionally ready to go back to work for some time now.  It's good for me to build work back into my life.  Being without meaningful work can start to become depressing.

I had an unexpected reminder of the wondrous beauty of what I do have in my life when I was on the bus this afternoon.  A man was speaking about the plight of the average person in Afghanistan.  Given his appearance I highly doubt he had any close relatives in Afghanistan (the man was African American).  Perhaps he had a nephew in the Army go there.  I don't know.  He was chatting with the bus driver about the basic survival/subsistence nature of life for many people in Afghanistan.  I was reminded of this reality when I did some research on Afghanistan for some papers I wrote while attending school in California.  The man's most memorable statement was something about walking five miles just for a dirty glass.  Indeed.  Donald Rumsfeld once remarked that Afghanistan is 'not a target rich environment'.  It certainly is not.  Decades of conflict as well as corruption have rendered the state a shadow of its true potential.

It's only two weeks until the beginning of March now.  I am excited by the gradual climb of the sun in the sky.  There are moments when I am inside vehicles that the warmth of the sun feels positively glorious.  Spring is coming...and it's not too far away now.

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