Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When Does It Get (Much) Better?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A few weeks ago I read about this concept of inclusive capitalism in an article about Hilary Clinton's interest in the White House.

Lately I can't help but feel jaded about my prospects here in this country. And I sense many feel the same way. A recent cover story in the Star Tribune newspaper reminded me of this strange economy we now have in which opportunity to get ahead in any form whatsoever now appears to be a thing of the past...or something only the very wealthy or well connected can experience.

I felt heightened frustration with my job search process today while sitting in the company of my placement assistant from Rise, Inc.  I don't attribute my current dissatisfaction to anything she is doing per se.  I believe she is making a good effort to assist me.

I have a friend who was let go from his job just before his ten year anniversary would have occurred and allowed him to reap certain benefits of the commitment he had made to this one employer. I know others who cannot find a job worthy of their skills too. And many continue to do temp work because there is nothing better available out there. Is a whole generation of people going to be consumed by this nonsense?

The cover story in the Tribune spoke of people whose wages are stalled and how this has been true in America for decades now. The article profiled one person who went back to school in the hope that it would open up new doors of opportunity. Instead the person accrued a lot more debt and then graduated in 2008 as the economy collapsed...and ultimately has not found permanent work...in seven years.

I think this economy we live with is grinding people down...slowly but surely. I certainly have experienced it...and it leads me to not want to participate. When more and more people get left behind what is the point in continuing with the charade?

When companies won't invest in people for the long term why should workers invest themselves in companies for the long term? I find much of our work culture in this country to be demoralizing and borderline abusive. We the corporate sheeple have allowed this to happen. Through the confluence of a number of factors I often find it difficult not to think the American dream is on its way to the scrap heap.  It's sad.


Today I again thought about the teenage boy who once tried to murder my father.  But I'm not going to write an additional piece of a letter to him tonight.  Just fulfilling the commitments I made to myself for today has been enough.  I went to the gym and exercised for nearly an hour.  I bought the ingredients for a healthy dinner.  I looked for a job despite the fact that I felt little motivation to do so.  And I consciously breathed through my moments of immense frustration.

Today was apparently a day of numerous small victories.  And that is enough for today.

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