Friday, February 27, 2015

An Illuminated World

Friday, February 27, 2015

Today I had yet another experience of appreciating the beauty of the world.  At the end of February in 2014 we had approximately twenty inches of snow on the ground here in the Twin Cities.  We currently have a meager inch of snow laying around outside right now.  There are many, many brown spots where you might expect to find white.

While out and about early this afternoon I found myself noticing how light is again filling up the world. The illumination of the sun is growing stronger and longer each day.  Though I had undergone quite a bit of EMDR therapy by this time last year it seems that my perception of the vividness of the world is still growing in intensity.  My life sometimes feels a bit like a Disney movie.  Daylight even seems to have a texture to it.  Prior to my entry into therapy in 2013 the world seemed to have quite a flat quality.  But this flat quality was due to my distorted perception.

I have felt upset and irritated throughout much of today.  But I am growing more accepting of the reality of my feelings.  I am giving myself more and more permission to feel badly.  By reducing my resistance to feeling bad I am finding my way through to the other side of my journey of healing.

Experiencing light as possessing an actual texture is no longer that novel for me.  It was novel for me back in 2013.  I find myself adjusting quite well to my growing ability to perceive the world about me in a healthy way.

Spring is coming.

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