Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aiming Higher and Higher

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I unexpectedly found myself thinking of someone who played a role in the trauma I experienced as a young boy in 1982.  I wrote about this earlier this week here in my blog.  Today I decided to give myself a project to work on over the weekend before I again attend my outpatient program next Monday.  I am going to further write out my thoughts and feelings about the person who shot and nearly killed my father.  I am going to write in the format of an open letter.

I am pleased with how this week has unfolded thus far.  I completed the first week of my eight-week morning program.  I feel that I am really showing up for myself in a way that I never have done before.  I am continuing my existing healthy self-care practices including my daily writing, going to see my therapist each week and taking my vitamin D supplement.  I will also be attending a workshop focused on the topic of forgiveness beginning this coming Sunday.  And I am monitoring my finances on a daily basis!  I don’t know how I could work with greater diligence to improve the quality of my life.

Despite my feelings of frustration I also continue to be as proactive as I can be regarding my feet.  After consulting with my podiatrist I am switching my medication to prednisone.  This is the third medication I will be trying in the hope of finally completely healing the inflammation that has afflicted my feet for three months.  I hope this change will work.  The limitation of my mobility due to my feet issue has been really demoralizing.

Winter will be holding Minnesota in its icy grip through at least the beginning of March.  But at least the days are growing steadily brighter.

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