Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Creating More Support

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I have elected to participate in an outpatient program that I hope will provide me some extensive tools to further my healing process.  I expect to begin next Monday, February 16th.  The program meets for a few hours four days a week for eight weeks.  I believe it could make a tremendous difference in the quality of my life and the pace of my journey in the direction of my biggest life goals.

I am excited about this new opportunity.  But I also feel quite weary.  I feel a bit psychologically 'beaten up' still.  I suppose this is not at all unusual considering how long I have been consciously focusing on my own healing process.  I have been doing therapy for approximately twenty months now.  By engaging in this outpatient program I hope to accelerate the process of my own healing.  I want my life back.

My grief and sadness still weigh heavily on me.  Lately I am aware of the disappointment I felt during my adolescence.  I did not feel very much witnessed by my father as I was becoming a man.  I wanted someone to support me in the development of my sexuality.

I nonetheless find myself able to enjoy the small and inexpensive pleasures of daily life that can sometimes be difficult to savor.  I still marvel at how well my eyesight brings the world beyond my skin within me.  Clear vision is a wonderful gift to enjoy.  It is no small gift.

I am hoping to gain insight into how to be a better man in the coming weeks.

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