Saturday, January 3, 2015

Moving On Beyond Old Pain

Saturday, January 3, 2015

I am hoping that this month will mark the beginning of my desired transition down to fewer medications.  I have more current open prescriptions for medication now than I can recall ever having as an adult.  But I am nonetheless hopeful that 2015 will mark my decisive step forward into a promising and fulfilling future.

It's a gray day here in Minneapolis.  And the Arctic is about to offer us a very painful kiss in the form of  subzero apparent temperatures and subzero real temperatures!  And yet despite the brutal weather whose leading edge is nearly here I feel fairly good.  Taking Vitamin D throughout the dark and cold season here in Minnesota is a virtually necessary ingredient to maintaining good health.  I don't know how long it took for my vitamin D level to reach a healthy level (after I was first put on a prescription for it in 2013) but I suspect my level may still have been recovering in early January of last year.  In other words, it feels very different to be me this winter as opposed to last winter.

I don't find myself feeling full of any immense wisdom to share today.  The darkest days of winter (the first ones) are already behind us.  But the most difficult days of winter are still ahead of us.  This is the season of hibernation and rest.


This coming week I will be speaking to a lot of people about the possibilities of 2015.  One person I will speak with is my therapist.  At this time my goal is to do weekly psychotherapy until at least June 30th.  I believe I will be finding myself in a very good psychic space by then.  At least that is my plan right now.

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