Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Bright January Day

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Despite all the times I still find myself inclined to doubt the real magnitude of my personal healing I find myself experience moments like today that reassure me that I am truly moving in a good direction.

Today is a bitterly cold day here in the Twin Cities.  The cold announced itself with keening winds that buffeted my kitchen skylight throughout the night.  Yet even though it is so cold today I find my mood is surprisingly bright.  The sky is clear and the sun is thus visible.  And the days are growing longer.  Perhaps I feel better simply because this winter has proven more manageable than the last one.  I succeeded in surviving last winter while simultaneously working through the (then still) early stages of my shock of being diagnosed with PTSD the summer prior to last winter.  My greater ease in handling winter is also probably a matter of acclimation.  After a while you can grow accustomed to most anything.


Over thirteen years ago I began studying astrology as a hobby.  As I delved deeper and deeper into this art I found myself fascinated by it.  Eventually I found myself discovering the best online resources available to help me to make some sense (from an astrological perspective of course) of the influences that were shaping my life.  In more recent years I began to make a regular practice of surveying 'the astrological winds' as a new year would begin.

As I review what will be our planetary features of 2015 it is clear there will be both new and old elements to contend with.  One ongoing influence that has been with us for some time is the Uranus-Pluto square.  As I have noted elsewhere in my blog this influence has been particularly powerful for me given its interaction with my natal Moon placed in Aries.

A significant new development for this year is the movement of Saturn into the sign of Sagittarius.  With Saturn's visit to the sign of Sagittarius people born at the time that Neptune was in Sagittarius (the 1960s and 1970s) will be experiencing Saturn in conjunction to their natal Neptune.  Seasoned astrologers would likely contend that this transit isn't exactly an easy one to bear.  Saturn and Neptune represent such different archetypes.  It is for this reason that the synthesis of their two realms can prove to be so difficult to manage.

Saturn represents form and substance.  Neptune, associated with the god Poseidon, rules over the element of water.  Saturn's realm is the creation and maintenance of structures and boundaries.  Saturn supports definition.  Neptune is virtually antithetical to this.  Neptune dissolves what Saturn would build. Neptune supports the dissolution of boundaries.  Neptune seeks to fuse together while Saturn supports the opposite process of differentiation.  So how do these two seemingly contrary energies ultimately work together?  That is a good question.  Those of my own generation will be navigating this question for a while.  To read an interesting take on this transit consider reading an article available here.  I will write more on the topic of this transit this coming week.  As for now you can rest assured it will be an 'interesting' time to be alive.


As for my own life I am maintaining my focus on my own healing process.  I do feel optimistic that the New Year of 2015 will be a bigger, brighter and more rewarding one than 2014 was.

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