Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Reason To Celebrate

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Today is what I would call a special day.  It is my one year anniversary of being deemed sub-clinical for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It's been a full year!  Even though it is a gray January day outside I feel quite sunny on the inside.  I still have some additional work I wish to do in support of my own mental health.  But I feel very excited and happy to have achieved this milestone!

Here is a look back at a portion of what I wrote a year ago:

As I made my way home today the world around me looked much as it would shortly after those first sessions I underwent using EMDR therapy: vivid, engaging, exciting.  Though today is one of the coldest days of a winter that has felt plenty long already my excitement about my recovery suffused my body and mind.  Were it not so brisk outside I could imagine going out and shouting "I'm sub-clinical, I'm sub-clinical!"  But then some people might think I am clinical in another way...such as being manic!  The coming of spring and a new cycle of life is still many weeks away but this encouraging news today gives me such a needed boost at a time when I have been feeling a bit weary.  The bitter cold of this winter has been a lot to manage.  I cannot imagine how I would have put up with such enduring cold if it had happened last winter when I had first moved to Minnesota.  Thankfully the remaining days of this winter will be even easier for me to manage now that I have confirmation that all the work I have been doing on myself is paying off...and paying off well!

As a simple means of celebrating the life I have today I am going to enumerate what I am grateful for:

  • My health insurance
  • My loyal friends I have all over the world
  • My health
  • My desire to work
  • My professional interests
  • My love of doing fun and zany things
  • My motivation that inspires me to keep trying
  • My willingness to open my heart and be open to love

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