Sunday, April 13, 2014

Something To Inspire You On A Sunday

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Here are some words of wisdom for today.  I'll add a Number 17 tomorrow.

(Useful but not original for students of all ages)

1.     Maintain Decent Health. Without health, little else counts. Have regular check-ups. Eat right. Exercise. Get enough sleep. See things in proper perspective and balance; nothing in excess. Keep a sense of humor. Care about others and remember that you are not alone. Learn to deal with unavoidable conflicts and setbacks. Avoid bullying and being bullied.

  1. Retain Self-confidence. Feel good about yourself and your competence. Self doubts cripple. Look forward not back. Be realistic yet optimistic. Don’t dwell on the past but move on and look to the future.

  1. Make The Effort. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Outcomes are the product of effort. You have to be committed, to try, persevere, and take as long as the task requires. Luck comes from taking risks and testing the odds.

  1. Act with forethought. One ounce of thought is worth tons of needless labor. Know beforehand what you seek. Work smart rather than hard. Better efficient efforts than prodigious inefficient efforts that gain little. Although nothing appears by magic, don’t nag endlessly but come back another day when refreshed.

  1. Create. Inspiration comes from the mind, from within, by concentrating on the intriguing. But discovery is not self-evident to others; it has to be sold to the stubborn, the irrational, and the reactionary. As in dress and deportment, appearances do count and the wrapping can be as important as the content.

  1. Be One’s Own. Don’t try to be somebody else. Concentrate on what you can do, not on what you cannot do. So, know yourself, your personality, your abilities and pace yourself accordingly. Never be afraid of asking questions, seeking advice, or admitting ignorance. No one is expected to be gifted in everything.

  1. Be Content. Like fitting jigsaw pieces together, accept small victories and achievements. Don’t try to solve everything at once and expect the great break though or the impossible. Be orderly, systematic, purposeful, not all over the place, erratic, chaotic, and don’t rush things without thinking them out first.

  1. Resist Being Downed. Others love dragging you down, talking you out of your intentions, denying your ambitions and adventures, and giving up on your goals, ideas and potential, just to get you to go along, to fit in, not to offend, be average. Stand up and as necessary be counted. But when faced with absolute defeat, live for another day and changed circumstances.     

  1. Communicate. Be understood. Watch audience reaction and repeat when you feel you are not getting across. When doubt appears, inquire and correct misunderstandings and mistakes. Obtain confirmation first orally and then in writing when necessary.

  1. Experience Counts. As experience (both yours and others) prepares you for the future, don’t neglect the opportunity to venture, to consult others who differ with you, to listen politely rather than being defensive, self-justifying, and brazen. But circumstances change and opportunities beckon, so that past experience may have to be discounted. Volunteering can prove invaluable and open new vistas.

  1. Invest In Yourself. It is the best investment you can make and one that eventually will pay off. Work hard. Push yourself. But remember who you are and what you believe, value and hold precious so as not to sacrifice what you treasure out of pure self-interest, organization culture, national identity, and universal opinion. Keep control of yourself and try not to be provoked into indiscipline.

  1. Be A Change Agent. Make things happen. Remember that change is never easy and can be destroyed by hastiness or nasty threats that provoke resistance. But avoid changing out of sheer boredom or just for the sake of change. Experiment. Keep flexible and mobile. Don’t be a stick-in-the-mud or settle for the status quo. Make yourself matter by acting not just contemplating action.

  1. Don’t Punish Yourself. As others are only too willing to do that, never add fuel to their fire. So, take credit where it is due to you and deny blame when unjustly and unfairly cast on you. Try not to second-guess “what if” questions but learn from mistakes.

  1. Appreciate Value. Know what is worth sacrificing for and also when to stop, cut your losses, and move on. There will be another day, another occasion, another setting. Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices because your presence alone may be sufficient to comfort others and urge them on in common cause.

  1. Avoid Over-rehearsing. Yes, practice makes perfect but situations rarely turn out as anticipated. Better to keep a clear head than have it full of information that may turn out to be irrelevant, misleading, distracting, or useless, so that you can readily react to the actual (not imagined) circumstances and improvise on the spot.   

  1. If you don’t succeed at first, try and try again. Never lose hope that victory will eventually be in your reach, come what may. Miracles do occur. When success comes, don’t let it get to your head. Keep your modesty for the inner satisfaction cannot be beat.

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