Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yes I Am Still Alive

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

One of the reasons I write my blog is to provide an ongoing documentary to prove that I actually have been doing something these last two years.  My professional resume has enough gaps in it that I sometimes feel I will never get consideration commensurate with my skills and potential.  But that hard edged thought is thankfully not one that is plaguing me every waking moment of every day.  But it certainly is in the background of my mind.

I find myself in a difficult period yet again.  And yet again it isn't for lack of effort on my own part that I am finding myself enmeshed in such a situation.  I cannot pay any of my bills in a timely way.  My unemployment benefits ran out a month ago.  Despite my commitment to be much more mindful and responsible with my financial resources (a significant change I made about ninety days ago) I occasionally feel as if I am being punished for past mistakes I made so long ago.  Quite honestly I do not understand why certain aspects of my life are not improving at a faster pace.

When will my current difficult circumstances end?  I do not know.  I continue to do my best to focus on what is good and wonderful in my life.  But today definitely qualifies as one of those days when I feel very challenged to not be cranky.

At least it's May.

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