Thursday, May 14, 2015


Thursday, May 14, 2015

If there is anything essential to successfully healing from trauma I think it must be discipline.  Discipline  is essential to so many aspects of a healthy and productive life.  If you want to create a memorable life full of love, pleasure and material prosperity it is vital to develop some form of discipline that will help you to move in the direction of the goals you set for yourself.  There are no guarantees that following a disciplined life will inevitably lead you to manifest your grandest desires and dreams.  But a life devoid of being diligent and disciplined will almost certainly be a hindrance to achieving those same dreams.

My discipline of looking for new, meaningful and paying employment has finally paid off.  I began a new contract position yesterday.  I am now working as a part-time contractual research analyst.  It seems to be a good fit thus far.  Doing research is quite a natural activity for me.  It allows me to employ my curious nature in the service of something larger than myself.

So how does discipline link to the topic of trauma?  I think healing truly is an art.  And like 'standard' arts such as painting, photography and the performance arts there is no magical formula that will guarantee healing.  But I do think discipline is a necessary ingredient.  I began this blog nearly two years ago as a challenge to myself.  I wanted to see what kind of person I could become if I disciplined myself to engage in some form of art on a daily basis.  I have not written an entry every single day since July 2, 2013 but I have written almost every day.  As time has passed and I have remained diligent in my craft my confidence in my ability to renovate the totality of my life has grown.

Practice doesn't truly make perfect for sheer perfection is an illusion.  But practice does lead to skill, wisdom, competence and power.  These gifts alone make the art of practicing a daily discipline very worthwhile.

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