Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Natural Attrition of Grief

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The only constant in life is change.

I have heard musicians sing about how time heals all wounds. Writers and poets have reflected and ruminated about love, loss, pain and healing for centuries. I suppose many psychic wounds do tend to heal over time. It seems this is especially likely to be true if a person is actively taking steps to recover from whatever has been a source of pain and grief.

In the last few weeks I have discovered I am now at a new threshold in my own life. My grief and sadness, while still something I contend with on a daily basis, is significantly less burdensome now. The arrival of Spring and the beginning of a new season of life seems to be a natural balm for the pain and disappointment we all experience throughout the course of our lives. There is a promise inherent in the coming of each new spring.  It is a promise of new possibilities and renewal. There is no guarantee that our new beginnings will ultimately bring us our desired results when we seek to reap the rewards of our commitments but the annual cycle of Spring serves as a reminder of the powerful possibilities that can emerge when we experience renewal.

I feel I am becoming genuinely renewed now. As I listen to the sound of rain falling I appreciate the sound of flowing water. The world outside is no longer in a state of stasis and silence. The world beyond my windows is alive, awake, colorful and exuberant. The Summer Solstice is only six weeks away. The intensity of the sun's light is immense now. The sunlight falling upon countless green leaves buoys my heart in a way that only sunlight can do.

I feel I am moving into a new phase of my life. I have a deepening appreciation for the many blessings of my life. I appreciate my health in a way I never have before. It isn't just the season of Spring outside my windows. It is also the season of Spring inside my body and spirit.

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