Thursday, December 11, 2014

Zombie Boy

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I have managed to remain coherent in the last forty-eight hours.  I feel relieved that I managed to successfully handle two highly demanding tasks in these last two days.  Now comes a period of waiting for the results of how I chose to show up in the world these last two days.  I'll be waiting months for a response regarding the scholarship I applied to.  The results of the judicial hearing may take up to thirty days to arrive in my mailbox.

I can now turn my attention more fully to the holiday season.  Christmas is only two weeks away!  How did that happen?  The one major piece of work I have left on my proverbial plate in regards to my family of origin is following up with one of my cousins regarding aspects of my past life history which I disclosed to her a number of weeks ago.  I put off following up with her until now because I had too many other priorities which were more urgent.  I do my best to minimize unnecessary stress as much as possible.  I would not have ventured into the deep waters of the earliest years of my life history if I didn't feel it important to live a life of integrity in which I feel I can be honest and forthright with those I consider family and friends.

As I sit here and attempt to focus my mind I find myself most aware of the topic of consequences.  I want there to be consequences when people behave in ways that cause me harm.  This is a seminal issue for many people who survive preventable horrors such as abuse and neglect.  I find it especially galling when those who behave in ways that harm others simultaneously purport themselves to be people living according to the teachings of a revered figure such as Jesus Christ.  I do not abide hypocrisy well.

Once I take a nap and rest up I can begin to more fully focus on this next matter which has been awaiting my attention.

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