Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Cluster**** that was Wednesday, Nov. 12th

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday was quite a full day.  There are some days when I marvel at how much I am able to accomplish in a single day.  Yesterday was one such day.  I found myself eating dinner at 10 p.m. and wondering where my fifteen hours of waking life went.

I had my second day of training at Macy’s yesterday.  It went better than I was expecting.  I was asked if I would be interested in working in the Home section rather than apparel.  I found myself very pleased that my diligent attentiveness during my training seemed to have been noticed.  I am still someone who really enjoys a life marked by continued learning and openness to new things.

My morning wasn’t so great.  I was concerned that I would arrive late for my second day of training.  I took the bus to meet the light rail downtown.  And yet again I found myself on a bus full of excess drama.  The bus driver insisted that people take a seat rather than stand near the front of the bus behind the yellow line.  He was doing this because another rider had apparently fallen earlier in the day.  A few passengers took issue with his insistence that they obey his request.  By the time I reached my destination I had unwittingly watched the driver be disrespected and virtually heckled by two passengers.  Disagreeing with someone is something I can respect.  Expressing disagreement through insults is another matter entirely.  The least the two passengers could have done would have been show the driver a basic modicum of respect by virtue of the service he was providing them.

I have noted in recent postings that I am competing in a contest this coming weekend.  Its beginning is now less than forty-eight hours away.  I am very excited.  I feel much more prepared than last year.  And I feel I have a very decent shot at winning.  But even if I do not win the title I will have the pleasure of experiencing a very fun weekend.

Fun has probably been the most important therapy I could give myself.  My childhood was so light on fun and so simultaneously heavy on trauma that I am still learning to find my way back from the strange state of mind I developed in response to this imbalanced early life history.

Post Script

Fifty Day Challenge, Day #48

My healthy activities for today:

§  I attended my second day of training at Macy’s (and apparently impressed my trainer)
§  I relatively smoothly managed what seemed to be a minor crisis when I could not find my laptop charger in the evening
§  I continued to work on my preparations for the contest this weekend
§  I soaked my feet at the YMCA
§  I went to bed at a reasonable hour to give my feet some time to rest

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