Friday, November 14, 2014

It's Here!

Friday, November 14, 2014

I awoke this morning with feelings much like children have when they wake up on Christmas Day morning and eagerly gallop to their family Christmas tree to see what Santa Claus has left them.  I'm so excited that this weekend is here!  Somehow a year has passed since the last time I competed for the Mister Minneapolis Eagle title.  And what a year of profound change it has been for me.

I'm feeling quite good this morning.  My feet are still bothering me a bit but I am confident if I am mindful about them and pace myself I will do well this weekend.  I feel quite confident that I will do well this weekend as I already have the learning experience of last year to draw upon.

As if this active weekend weren't enough to get me galloping I will be starting my new position at the University of Minnesota this coming Monday, November 17th.  I am excited to jump back into the milieu of a university setting.  It could open up a whole new set of doors to me in the future.  After knocking on so many doors in the last three years it's a real treat when someone opens a door of opportunity to me.  Looking back with seventeen months of hindsight it now strikes me as virtually inevitable that I experienced the huge personal crisis I did in June, 2013.  That time is long gone now.  I have grown virtually exponentially in self-awareness and self-care skills.  A golden future can be mine if I simply reach for it!

I do not plan to write this weekend.  My life will be too full with events related to the contest.  You can expect me to resume writing on Monday, November 17th.  At that time I will announce the results of the contest I am competing in.  Regardless of what ultimately happens I know I will feel awesome because I will have once again powerfully presented myself to the world.

Have an awesome weekend!

Post Script

My fifty day challenge ends today!  I am proud that I stepped up and achieved my goal!

Fifty Day Challenge, Day #50

My healthy activities for today:

  • I completed my fifty day challenge project
  • I relaxed with some soothing tea and stayed off my feet so they can rest and recover
  • I listened to relaxing music
  • I savored the clarity of my vision

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