Friday, November 7, 2014


Friday, November 7, 2014

It seems almost inconceivable that this moment has arrived.  I have diligently shared my thoughts, feelings and ideas in this venue for over sixteen months now.  And I have now reached a milestone moment.  I have written five hundred pieces in my blog.

Between this milestone moment in my own personal development and the upcoming twenty-five year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall coming this Sunday, November 9th I have found myself contemplating histories of different sorts.  And my own personal history is inextricably intertwined with German history given the fact that my mother, her siblings, my cousins and my (deceased) grandparents  are all German citizens.  I may be an American citizen who lacks dual citizenship but I have long felt I fit in Germany as easily as I do in the United States...if not more so.

I feel very proud of myself for having faithfully maintained my writing practice as it appears in the form of my blog.  It was only about this time last year when I finally began to 'own' the fact that I am a writer.  What I will ultimately do with this skill in my future personal and professional life remains to be seen.  But I certainly want to find some way to continue to incorporate the inspiration and pleasure I take in writing in my life in general.  Until further notice I will continue to write here in my blog.

A week from now I will be competing for the Mister Minneapolis Eagle 2015 title.  I first began exploring the local leather community after returning from my trip to Germany on June 1st of last year.  Generally speaking I have found this community to be more welcoming, open-minded and fun as compared to other communities of people I have explored over the last twenty years.  I have long believed in the value of inclusivity as a fundamental way of honoring the dignity of all people.  My own past feelings of deep alienation only further strengthen my opinion that offering an inclusive and welcoming community is something we should all have the pleasure and honor to experience.

I will close this milestone piece of writing by acknowledging and thanking all of you who have read from my blog.  I welcome you to continue to follow me on my journey.  And I further encourage you to introduce me and my writings to anyone you feel might benefit from hearing my voice.


Post Script

Fifty Day Challenge, Day #43

Healthy activities for today:

  • I celebrated the diligence with which I have been writing my blog for over sixteen months
  • I went to a core conditioning class at the YMCA
  • I attended a community event in the evening

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