Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nonsense Detector Overload

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Living in the United States can often be an amusing experience when it doesn't prove to be a bit ridiculous or bizarre.  The current antics playing out in our Congress is a perfect example of what makes life in this nation 'entertaining'.  And yes, in case you are wondering, I will ultimately tie this back to the general theme of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

So much ink has been spilled in the last several days regarding the now unfolding federal government shutdown as well as the twenty-one hour long marathon of words that was offered by Ted Cruz of Texas last week.  Having grown up in Texas I am quite familiar with the Texas blowhard.  And Mr. Cruz personifies it perfectly.  I often find it hilarious when people passionately argue in support of policy that will ultimately have the effect of disenfranchising people in large numbers and yet simultaneously purport themselves to somehow be compassionate or decent people.  Leaving people to die in the streets is not compassionate.  Allowing the human capital of this nation to wither and suffer because you despise certain groups of people and wish to quicken their demise through withholding of decent healthcare is neither compassionate nor Christian.  I don't know what Jesus Christ the Republican party collectively believes in but he is not a Jesus I have ever met in the stories I know from the Bible.

I suppose dear Ted wished us all to be impressed by his capacity to speak for so many hours without collapsing on the floor.  I wasn't impressed in the slightest.  Why?  There are many people who stand for ten, twelve or even sixteen hours a day to do their jobs.  And their jobs are much more demanding than blathering on for hours on end as Ted did.  I can also assure you many of them do not have the means to dress like Ted Cruz.  Are we actually expected to have felt sympathy for a man such as Mr. Cruz because he stood and spoke for so long?  The man has such resources at his fingertips that he could have gone to the closest pawn shop, handed over his tie and made off with enough to get a lovely one hour massage for his sore feet once he finished his grand gesture.  How many Americans can easily do that lately?

Finger pointing is often common among five year olds who do not take responsibility for their actions.  It is thus to be expected that finger pointing is going on in Congress as many of our officials act with the maturity one would expect of five year olds.  What amazes me is that the GOP speaks as if there is still some debate about the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.  Other times you can distinctly hear them speaking about the ACA as if it were still a bill.  It is not.  It was passed a long time ago (by legislative standards).  The Supreme Court upheld the law.  It's truly amazing that the GOP would demand an extensive list of concessions to simply do their actual jobs and allow for the funding of a bill that is already law.

So here is where I will tie it back to PTSD.  America as a nation most certainly does not rank at the very top when it comes to the quality of our healthcare system.  What seems to be lost on so many in this nation is the very simple concept that our economic, political, social and cultural power is very much contingent on the health of our citizenry.  If we as a nation truly wish to restore our economy we would do well to realize that we are unwise to undermine the health and opportunities of our own people.  And yet that is exactly what is happening.  One political party, the GOP, is willing to risk sabotaging the economy of the entire country as a means of obstructing the implementation of a law designed to finally provide some measure of healthcare to millions of Americans who have all too often gone without.

PTSD is but one of many health issues that affect Americans.  As our federal government shuts down in response to Congressional intransigence we are all collectively brought down as well.  What virtue is there in a nation where this shutdown is unleashing many undesirable consequences including hindering research seeking cures for critical issues such as cancer in children?  There is no virtue in arrogance, selfishness, deceit and manipulation.  And yet we are seeing plenty of that now.

Congress: Grow Up!  Do your jobs you are being paid handsomely to do.  If you will not do your jobs go home and play in the sandbox.

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