Monday, June 29, 2015

What Our Futures Can Be

Monday, June 29, 2015

"All of us, from the moment of our birth, have been building inside ourselves a model of the world, a set of assumptions on the basis of which we recognize the world that we meet and plan our behavior accordingly. Because this model is based on reality it is, most of the time, a valid and useful basis for thought and behavior. We rely on the accuracy of these assumptions to maintain our orientation in the world and to control our lives. Anything which challenges this model incapacitates us.

Because we can only bring to new situations assumptions which arose out of the old, we cannot easily abandon the past. For this reason major changes are usually resisted and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Our old model of the world may be imperfect but it is the best we have and, if we abandon it, have nothing left." - Bereavement: Studies of Grief in Adult Life by Colin Murray (1996)

"In all societies, the course of life is structured by expectations about each phase of life, and meaning is assigned to specific life events and the roles that accompany them. When expectations about the course of life are not met, people experience inner chaos and disruption. Such disruptions represent a loss of the future. Restoring order to life necessitates reworking understandings of the self and the world, redefining the disruption and life itself." - Disrupted Lives: How People Create Meaning in a Chaotic World by Gay Becker (1997)

I feel fortunate to have reached the milestone I recently achieved. I have been at the task of writing my blog for two years now. The anniversary of my writing 'odyssey' is this coming Thursday. I feel it is time for this blog to transform into something else. I still cannot clearly see what it is though. I suppose I need a bit more time for clarity to come to me.

I didn't even meet with my therapist last week due to my decision to take a miniature vacation up north of the Twin Cities near Brainerd. And the funny thing is that I didn't really much miss not having the appointment. This is how change can happen. You wake up one day and the past finally doesn't burden you the way it once did.

Now I find myself in a fun new phase where I am actively contemplating what I want my future life to be. I only wish I had made the progress I have made by a younger age. But I am still here. I am still strong. I am alive. And I am excited about what my future may hold.

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