Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Goodnight Said The Moon

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Goodnight said the moon, turn out the light
  someone little, sleeps here tonight." - Anonymous

I saw the quote noted above while visiting the cabin of my friend Jamie last week. It got me to thinking about my childhood. The engraved quote was featured adjacent to a beautiful image of a crescent mood. The piece of art featuring this imagery hung on the wall of the bedroom I slept in. It was a very restful experience to sleep in that bedroom. The room had a cozy atmosphere about it. It was difficult not to feel my old grief (regarding disappointments from long ago when I was a kid) rise up within me when I would looked at this piece of art. I wish I had felt so safe, comfortable and reassured throughout the duration of my childhood. But I did not.

I have worked through much of that grief that I carried around for so long. I suppose it's only natural for little vestiges of it to rise up when I encounter things that remind me of the blessings I did not consistently experience in my own childhood.

The past, present and future have been in my thoughts all at once lately as I cross the threshold marking that eventful time from two years ago in which my life imploded and I found myself embarking on the painful process of restoring my body, heart and mind. I feel so much better than I did back then. But that persistent sadness continues to take a long time to heal.

Tomorrow, as the month of July begins, I will be actively working to prepare a new and nurturing reality for myself as the beginning of my AmeriCorps commitment draws near. I am excited about what I still have the ability to create in my future.

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