Saturday, June 6, 2015

So What Is Next?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I feel an unfamiliar sense of expansiveness this evening. Perhaps this is the inevitable result of the developments from yesterday that are now opening up a new direction for my life. Feelings of calm and quiet contentment have been my companions throughout the day. It has been very nice.

The skies are darkening outside now on this early June evening. And I find myself contemplating the changes I will be making in order to move in the new direction I will be plotting for myself. I stand on a new threshold. Now is a good time for me to consider what I wish to carry forward with me as well as what I ought to leave behind.

With the new professional opportunity that has opened to me I have decided it would benefit me to continue to go to weekly psychotherapy through the end of this year. My health insurance should cover the expense of doing so. I feel grateful to have reached a point where therapy no longer feels so compellingly necessary to remain motivated in my efforts to create a rewarding future for myself. Once you decisively commit to it the journey of healing can take on its own momentum.

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