Friday, October 10, 2014

You Can't Go Home Again, Part III

Friday, October 10, 2014

Today, in my continuing adventure to create a brand new and much better life for myself, I met with a gentleman who works for Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services.  I was referred to this program by a social worker I first met this past spring.  I was a bit slow to follow through on applying for services provided by ARMHS because I thought I might not be eligible for anything I do not already receive.

I found the worker who met with me to be insightful.  He also struck me as a good listener and open to continued professional development.  These are the kind of people I like to have in my life.

As I described the most fundamental aspects of my life history I was pleased to feel that I was truly being heard.  I spoke about my family of origin, the corruption I was impacted by and my own recent journey of actively and dedicatedly working to recover from my early life history that was filled with a lot of trauma.  After engaging in a dialogue for what amounted to about an hour of time we agreed I would meet with him again next week.  I do not suspect I am the type of person who will need ARMHS services for a lengthy period of time.  My life is already extraordinarily good as compared to this time last year and I believe it will only continue to improve.

I am making a new home for myself now in my apartment near Loring Park.  I feel very fortunate to have found the location I now call home.  And as I continue to unpack and settle in I am aware that my thoughts have occasionally drifted back to my family of origin and the first 'home' that I knew.

I am finally well beyond the initial phase of my healing journey.  I would say on average I have a 'bad day' no more than once every two weeks now.  I am beginning to feel consistently optimistic and enthusiastic about my life.


Next week I plan to write specifically on the topic of 'Complex PTSD'.  I have previously written about this subject in my blog.  Over the course of six consecutive days I will describe a particular indicator associated with Complex PTSD.  If you regularly read my blog and wish to learn more about this subject please type the term 'Complex PTSD' in the search bar located on my blog page.  You will find several entries that reference this topic.

Have an awesome weekend!  I will not be writing again until Monday, October 13th.

Post Script

Fifty Day Challenge, Day #15


  • I exercised at the YMCA
  • I met with a mental health worker as I noted above
  • I applied a creative approach to a problem and came up with a solution

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