Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Week Later

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It seems what I have ‘lovingly’ come to call the plague is finally beginning to relent.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my apartment is now virtually super-heated.  The apartment maintenance man certainly was not joking when he informed me I would notice once the heat came on.  Modulating the radiator settings will be key to a healthy and comfortable autumn and winter.  Despite my snarky edge I feel relatively good now…relatively.

If I am feeling up to it I might even participate in a yoga class at the YMCA at 10 am.  I have missed out on a week of regular exercise; I want to get back into my routine as soon as possible.  Among other things I have an upcoming contest to prepare for!

Later today I will be co-hosting a Halloween themed event at the home of my friend Carol in north Minneapolis.  I’m looking forward to incorporating more play time into my life in the future.

Now that I have completed my short commentary series focused on potential indicators of the not yet formally existing diagnostic term known as ‘Complex PTSD’ I am a little unclear as to what I will focus on in my blog next.  I felt myself to be at a bit of a crossroads regarding the blog a few months ago.  Now that I am actively creating a bigger, better, happier, more rewarding life it is clear I have moved well beyond the initial circumstances that defined the first many months when I was first writing.  I have always envisioned this blog to be 1) a creative outlet for my own self-expression, 2) a resource for others (via the articles and websites I reference in my own writings) and 3) a simple ‘safe place’ from which I can eventually build something much more grand in the future.

These last sixteen months of my life have been the equivalent of the laying of an immense foundation.  Now that the foundation itself is fairly complete it is time for me to readjust my focus and begin serious contemplation as to what I wish to build on my foundation.

Post Script

Fifty Day Challenge, Day #24

  • Co-hosted a Halloween themed event with my friend Carol
  • I went to bed early enough to get a good night of sleep

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