Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Normalcy of Working

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I have been working in my current position for three months now. This is wondrous. I have had other jobs in my life that were short-term positions. And though my current role is only designed to be a year long contract I feel very good about the direction I am moving now. I am beginning a whole new journey in my life. As I have commented elsewhere here in this blog I entered "the second half" of my life in 2013. At the time I was going through this profound transition I didn't use such language to describe what was happening. Encountering the teachings of Richard Rohr augmented my existing vocabulary and thereby gave me additional language to use to make some sense of what I was experiencing.

Even though I have been consistently working for ninety days now it still sometimes feels a bit surreal and strange. There were days back in 2013 when I thought I might never reach the stage I am at now. And though I feel fairly unencumbered by the residual pain associated with the trauma from my earliest years of life I have nonetheless not forgotten that there are all too many people who never recover from debilitating illnesses or life changing events. Some people become disabled and their lives are permanently marked...forever. I am fortunate that I am largely able to reclaim my life. For me the question was never would I reclaim my health and my life but when?

The healing journey out of personal oblivion can be arduous, long, scary and lonely. Recovery from serious illness is not necessarily guaranteed. And this is true even for those of us who work hard to recover.

I am grateful for all the good there is in my life now. There is much for me to be thankful for. And I am proud of the positive impact the organization I work for offers to the community.

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