Monday, November 9, 2015

Finding Healing

Monday, November 9, 2015

I did something today that I felt was a very healthy choice. Indeed, I could even call what I did healing. After getting my teeth cleaned I decided to have lunch at a restaurant close to where I lived at this time two years ago. The place I visited is called Jakeeno's Pizza and Pasta.

Over two years ago I found myself frequenting this place for a period of months. At that time I was still coping with the unexpected development of realizing that I could benefit from going to still more therapy. I was quite upset about that development for a very long time. But time ultimately keeps unfolding; we are residents of an ever changing world. We can find this truth consoling or unsettling. If we are suffering today we may find that tomorrow presents us with a very different set of circumstances. This too shall pass.

After eating lunch I drove down to a park that I used to walk around back when I lived in that part of Minneapolis. I got out of my car and walked once around the perimeter of the park. Though I am still dealing with foot pain I pressed myself to do this small bit of walking. It was a brilliantly sunny day today. Temperatures continue to run well above normal here in Minnesota. It appears extremely unlikely that we will experience a winter like the one we did two years ago. I found myself smiling as I made my single lap around a patch of green and a kids' playground that was a familiar environment for me over two years ago. I truly have come a long way since the darkness that shrouded my life and thinking throughout much of 2013.

Only after leaving and beginning my drive home did I recall what was additionally special about this day. Today is the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It has been twenty-six years since that momentous day in German history. The world is such a different place as compared to what it was on November 9, 1989.

Time moves us forward. We can choose to embrace change. It's not always easy. But it can be very rewarding to open our hearts and minds to new possibilities.

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