Sunday, September 1, 2013

All Are Welcome

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I nearly broke out in laughter today when I attended a service of the local Metropolitan Community Church.  But it wasn't a "bad" form of laughter.  Instead, I almost burst into laughter because I was reminded of a seminal quote from the movie Poltergeist.  For those of you too young to recall Poltergeist was a horror film of the early 1980s that made many a young child scared of that dark region underneath beds.  The film also likely singlehandedly sent the success of clown visits to birthday parties down at least a few percentage points.

In this still classic movie the very short medium, Tangina Barrons, says "all are welcome" when exhorting children to find peace and serenity in the light.  Tangina was called upon to assist a family whose young daughter disappeared into another dimension populated by spirits.  I thought of this quote today because the music in the service I attended featured that same phrase of "all are welcome".

I have decided it is high time that I explore different spiritual communities here in the Twin Cities.  I am not convinced it is wise for me to return and actively sing in a chorus I first joined back in January.  I experienced some unfortunate and excessive stress in June of this year when I made my sentiments known regarding another member whose behavior I have found to be less than appropriate on more than one occasion.  This particular chorus, composed of all men, was something I had looked forward to being a member of before I moved to the Twin Cities last year.  I would like to be a part of a community in which all are truly welcome.

From what I understand so far MCC focuses on the teachings of Jesus Christ to some degree.  I do not yet understand much of the history of MCC; I first learned of its existence years ago when I lived in California.  Though I was raised Catholic I am not sure I believe that the historical person of Jesus Christ ever existed.  And so I presently feel a bit conflicted as to whether attending MCC services in the future aligns with my own belief system.  I came away with a positive impression based on the service I attended today.  I plan to attend again next Sunday.

The service featured different songs throughout its duration.  One piece of wisdom remains in my thoughts now.  It was expressed in the following: "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant."  It was consoling to read this.  Lately it seems all I do is plant seeds that I hope will one day grow in the future.  Throughout this summer I have focused on laying a solid foundation such that my health never again becomes as problematic as it has been in recent weeks and months.  Now, as summer begins its inevitable fade to autumn, I feel myself finally climbing out of the morass of grief and pain I have felt throughout the summer.  What continues to prove challenging is the fact that much of my outer reality still does not seem to be improving.  But emphasis should be placed on the word "seem".  Again I must remember the wisdom of the words I quoted.  Long before there is obvious growth the seeds we plant are busy underneath the surface laying a foundation of roots necessary for them to thrive later on.

Tomorrow I am taking a break from everything I have been doing to restore my health.  I will not go to the gym.  I probably will not even do physical therapy.  My body needs some time to recuperate.  And so does my mind.  I have made excellent progress.  It's time to reward myself for my discipline.

I will write again on Tuesday!

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