Sunday, May 1, 2016

Honoring My Mother

Sunday, May 1, 2016

I prepared a mother's day card for my mother today. I doubt she will receive it on time in Germany. But it will arrive soon enough. I try my best to be a thoughtful son to my two parents by remembering them on special occasions.

It has always been easier to be such a person for my mother. Some of her less than stellar decisions were somewhat entangled in the illness that effectively invaded her life when she was a very young woman. When I think of her it's still difficult on occasion to not think about the time she spent living and working as a nurse in El Paso, Texas. To this day I still do not fully understand what motivated her to make the choice to do that. She lived in a town where she basically knew nobody and was thousands of miles away from her own siblings in Germany. And she wasn't exactly next door to me in Texas at that time either.

My father is a different matter. He made some poor choices in his life as well. But he never could point to schizophrenia as a complicating factor in the direction he took his own life. What motivated him to make certain choices in his own life also still remains a mystery to me.

Some of us will never understand much about who are parents were and are.

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