Friday, May 6, 2016

A Clear Mind

Friday May 6, 2016

Spring in Minnesota is...a revelation. After enduring months of dormancy I virtually want to sing entire songs of praise that the trees, shrubs and animals awaken once again to celebrate a new year of green...and life. I have felt this way each of the four springs I have lived in Minnesota. But this year is different in a profound way. This year, unlike recent years, I find myself feeling fairly good most of the time.

I am getting a lot of exercise in my current job. It's a seasonal position. There are some great aspects about it. I am improving my physical fitness whilst I work. Many people cannot say that about their jobs. I also get to spend time out in fresh air. It's a delight.

I have been thinking about my father today. It's his birthday. My thoughts about him on this day of his birth are also different than they were in recent years. I doubt that we will ever see eye to eye. Perhaps we even have irreconcilable differences. But I finally feel I am coming to some abiding measure of inner peace about this reality. It is not my responsibility to change him. And it never was my responsibility. I can use all the energy I once spent trying to cajole and change other people on much more worthy adventures.

I feel very optimistic about my own life now. I still go to therapy but it's for "maintenance care" rather than to explore profound, deeply entrenched issues. I have never been so proactive about my own health in my entire life. And I have been living in this way for nearly three years now.

Life is good!

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