Thursday, September 17, 2015

Time Stretch

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I am composing my entry tonight in Denver, Colorado. An entire week has passed since I last wrote. And a lot has happened. I suppose I will sum up some recent events of the last week in chronological order.

September 11: I avoided the media coverage of the anniversary of the September 11th attacks as much as possible. It's a little surreal when I consider that there are now teenagers here in America who were born after that horrible day. It's also saddening to hear that George W. Bush's brother Jeb(!) Bush provided a narrative of his brother George's "presidency" that is patently false during the "debate" last night. I have to put two words of my last sentence in quotes because there was little about "W" that signified genuine leadership and what passes for debate in this country these days is a genuine farce.  The Republican spinmeisters are already industriously rewriting the history of George W. Bush's two administration to make it sound as if he was some insightful, wise figure who shepherded the United States with thought and compassion. It's a bit surreal to hear such lies dispensed as historical truth.

September 14: I had my birthday. It was a nice day. I met some friends for dinner. I enjoyed chocolate cupcakes with these same friends at Como Park. And it was my first birthday without being on medication since 2012. I believe it is correct to state that I have decisively overcome the horrible health impacts of my early life history now. What I focus on now is creating a foundation for a sustainable and rewarding future life.

September 16: I flew to Denver to attend the Social Enterprise Alliance conference. It has been an enjoyable event.

Visiting Denver has been something of a bittersweet experience. Why? I have been to Denver before. I first visited Denver in 1997 as a member of the Society of Jesus of New England. I was a novice member of that religious order at the time. I came to Denver for a month long course on the history of the Jesuit order. I lived on the Regis University campus. I visited Denver much more recently in 2012. At that time I was a singing member of the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, D.C. I was in the very same part of town yesterday and today to attend the Social Enterprise Alliance conference. I recognized some of the buildings and street names.

The experience has been bittersweet for me because three years ago now seems to be ancient history. As recently as three years ago I was (still) perceiving the world around me with eyes impacted by the trauma I had experienced as a kid. I just didn't realize this was the truth of my situation. So, actually, this has been my first time visiting Denver with clear vision and a cleansed psyche. It has taken some time to get here.

But here I am now. I am ready for a new future. And I have been working on laying a strong foundation to create that future for the last two years now. The foundation is done.

It's time to build!

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