Thursday, July 2, 2015

A World Engulfed

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I just read an article from the NOAA website. Alaska is currently witnessing its worst wildfire season on record. The article notes that more than six-hundred fires have burned over 1.8 million acres of Alaskan land. The fires throughout the state of Alaska are impacting air quality many hundreds of miles downwind here in Minnesota. Yes indeed the world is an interconnected place.

It's a bit easy to think of an engulfed world after recounting the stories of two men's lives in my blog writing yesterday. I recounted two men whose lives impacted the Nazi era of Europe in vastly different ways. One man helped save hundreds of children from extermination. The other man was recently charged as an accessory in three-hundred thousand murders. The dark and light aspects of human life can be very intense here on planet Earth. I sometimes find it amazing how so much creation and destruction can co-exist on one planet.

Speaking of creation today is the two year anniversary of my blog's beginning. It seems a bit surreal that it has been two years since I began writing (and sharing that writing) on a nearly daily basis. When I began my blog I hoped that I would eventually find myself a new and better person by virtue of my diligence. I imagined the steadily growing total count of my words as an ever growing rope that I would use to climb up and out of the pit of pain I found myself in back in June and July of 2013. And now here I am.

As I have noted in numerous other posts I continue to marvel at this world filled with light. The long days of summer are an excellent time to consciously notice and appreciate the quality of sunlight as it falls upon the world.

Tomorrow: Moving onwards to a new step...

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