Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Remembrance of Things Past

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Yesterday was the anniversary of the passing of my paternal grandmother. It's been twenty-two years since my grandmother passed away.

I thought of my grandmother this past Friday when I was in downtown Minneapolis. I took some strawberries to work with me as a snack. After work I found myself briefly visiting St. Olaf Catholic Church. I was bored while waiting for the bus so I decided to hide inside a place that had both air-conditioning as well as some artistic beauty. The backdrop of the quiet sanctuary as well as my strawberries got me to thinking of this time I picked strawberries with my grandmother when I was a small boy. I can remember I enjoyed it quite a bit. I also remember learning that my grandfather tended to pick only those berries he could easily see. He would thus leave many berries unpicked.

I wish my grandparents had lived longer so they could have been a part of my life in my adulthood. All my grandparents had passed away before I turned twenty-one years old. Some people are fortunate to have their grandparents be a part of their lives well into their adulthoods. I still miss my grandmother. It's a little strange to me that I have now lived more of my life without her in my life than I did with her. Time can pass so quickly.

Tonight, while walking outside, I found myself recalling the warm, humid nights common in the South in the summer. It was that warm here in Minnesota tonight. I appreciated that I need to move on and spend less time recalling what I did not do in the past. Regret and sadness is not something to fill the mind and heart with.

I feel myself very much moving on now. It's been quite a process to reach this point of departure. But I feel myself finally and deeply ready to begin a new phase in my life.

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