Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Life of Job

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I was never much of a fan of reading the Bible when I was a kid.  Unlike some people I do not have any particularly harsh memories of having the Bible thrust upon me in such a way that I felt violated or overwhelmed.  I nonetheless do like to recall stories from the Bible that resonated with me as a means of telling my own stories.  Right now I am thinking of the life of Job.

I won't quote the whole Bible story here.  Here is the brief story-line on Job.  Job was blessed with many gifts including material prosperity and a large family.  Then it all fell apart.  Many human beings experience something like this at some point in their life histories.  I know I certainly have.  I feel as if I am living it again now.  And I am living it despite all my best efforts.

Today, like any day, I have a choice as to what I will focus my time and energy on.  If I want to focus on what is not going well I can obsess on this list:

  • My computer is currently not available to me.  It is currently being repaired.  I do not know how I will find the money to repair it.
  • I continue to receive the answer of 'No' in my job search efforts.
  • Some people I consider friends do not reach out to me in the ways I most prefer and need.
  • I am still going to see a therapist.
  • I haven't made a substantial payment on my student loan debt in quite a while.
  • My feet still hurt some when I walk.

If I want to focus on what is good in my life I can look at this list:

  • There is beautiful sunshine available outside that costs me no money to enjoy.
  • I have friends who have been loyal to me despite whatever circumstances I might be facing on any given day.
  • My health is probably the best it has ever been.
  • I have excellent health insurance that allows me to access quality care.
  • I am proactive about my health.  This will increase the likelihood that I will never again face what I went through in the last two years.
  • I have new orthotics for my shoes which provide me support when I walk.
  • I have healthier boundaries now than I had in the past.
  • There is still kindness in my own heart despite all the trauma, corruption and horror I experienced.
  • I am still able to trust other people.
  • I am still willing to trust my life will continue to improve.

Each day when we wake up we have a choice.  We can focus on the light or we can focus on the darkness.  Both are always going to be there.  So which do you want to make the story of your life.

Focusing on the light is not always easy.  Some days it seems I must draw upon every ounce of strength I have to keep a frown from setting up residence on my face.  But the light is always there inside my heart.

What is good about your life today?

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