Wednesday, July 13, 2016

One Way We Can Heal America

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I feel immensely grateful for this day that is now ending. It certainly ended in a way I was not expecting. I appreciate the power of friendship, open hearted men and people willing to show up to their occupations day in and day out no matter what the stress they experience in their work.

As I noted in a recent posting there was a tragic shooting not far from where I live just last week. A small child died in the incident. That child was only two years old. Gun violence is our great scourge here in America. That is my opinion. But I think it is also verifiable fact. If only our Congress would listen to a vast majority of the American people who want a workable solution to the ridiculous levels of gun violence that occur in our nation. But many members of Congress are in the pockets of the NRA. What will it take to change this perversion of power? It seems more unnecessary bloodshed will unfortunately actually be necessary. I feel so sad about the state of affairs in our nation.

I did something today that was an act of faith and gratitude. As I reached my stop on one of the buses that serves my neighborhood I made a point to briefly speak with the bus driver. I thanked her for being willing to work as a bus driver and drive through a neighborhood that was the backdrop to a recent act of tragic violence. The driver was an African American woman. I am a gay man of Germanic and Dutch heritage. I grew up in Texas. I have no idea where she grew up. Her profession is public transportation. My professional background is ocean policy and conservation. I can't know more about her based on our brief interaction today.

The point I wish to make is that the United States of America is virtually possessed by an Us versus Them mentality. Rather than see our common humanity we are divided in factions. Many Americans appear to have lost the ability to see what we have in common. We are all human beings. We all need and deserve to have the same things in life. We all need love. We all need companionship. We all need food, shelter, clothing and a reason to wake up each day. We have more in common than we do not. And yet this nation is rending itself apart due to our perceived differences.

If we want to heal our nation we need to seek common ground. We need to see our common humanity. We must look beyond our differences (age, gender, socioeconomic status, education, race, etc). If we cannot or will not do that our nation will surely eventually die.

Focus on all the good in your life. Be grateful for that good. And find a person to thank for the simple reason that they are who they are and are contributing to the world in their own unique way.

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